In Admiration of Music

Linear Drive Magnet System

The new innovative in-house developed SMC based Linear Drive Magnet System eliminates four distortion factors in the driver motor system. Eddy current, Hysteresis, Flux variations and Voice Coil Inductance.

SMC Technology

Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC), which eliminates variation of flux strength in the magnet gap. It reduces distortion to a minimum compared to conventional drivers.

In-house made woofers

The latest generation of the wood fibre cones, including new cone impregnation process and a new post-assembly coating. DALI EPICON woofers are not only developed – but also manufactured at the DALI headquarters in Denmark!

Wood fibre cones

Using a wood fibre cone gives the in-house build woofer a light, rigid and randomly uneven membrane. Making it easy to move ensures even piston like movements and reduces the possibility of surface resonance greatly.

In Admiration of Music

At DALI, we are driven by a raw passion for music and its honest reproduction in the domestic environment. The development and refinement of new technologies to increase the realism of the home entertainment experience is the main objective in our quest to create what we believe to be the best loudspeakers in the world.

"The design and features impress us, and we love the way it sounds. This is a gorgeous, complete package."


"Still arguably the best-sounding package available for the money."

− WHAT HIFI - DALI ZENSOR 1 5.1 System
3D Audio

When listening to DALI loudspeakers, you will not be able to point out the exact location of the loudspeaker. You hear exactly the sound the artist intended. For example, if the artist wants you to hear sound coming from certain angles, DALI loudspeakers master this perfectly.

Amplifier Optimized

Smooth, even impedance means better working conditions for the amplifier, resulting in higher resolution. The job of the amplifier and loudspeaker is to reproduce the signal exactly as it is, adding nothing and removing nothing.

Hand Crafted

We have a very high standard that is ensured by a Quality Management System. Among many other things, this system ensures that no loudspeaker leaves our factory without having been rigorously tested, both acoustically and visually.

Time Coherence

The sound from the different drivers is synchronised to arrive at the ear at the same time. Studies show that loudspeakers with excellent time coherence deliver enhanced sonic realism.

Wide Dispersion

DALI loudspeakers fill a wider area of the room with smooth, integrated sound. We design our loudspeakers for optimal frequency response (consistent sound pressure regardless of frequency), even for listeners seated off-centre.

Low Resonance Cabinet

For the most correct and true-to-life sound, internal reflections and vibrations must be reduced as much as possible. DALI achieves this through optimal cabinet design based on the finest – sometimes very complex materials and geometry.